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QR code for Deercam Android App                                      

                Deercam's Android Download link-press here

       Left click on QR code    

                    Or scan  QR code with your Smartphone to                                                                                                    download app to your phone.                                            

Test Drive our New Android Smart Phone App Below!

 Give it time to load  here.     


 Now scan the QR Code to your Android Smart Phone- 

  • Step 1. Scan QR Code

    You must scan this QR code with a Barcode Scanner.

    No QR code reader on your Android device? Have a look at the free Barcode Scanner from ZXing.

  • Step 2. Download Android App

    Once the QR code has scanned, you can click on the link to download the .apk file straight to your device.

  • Step 3. Install Android App

    After the .apk file has downloaded to your Android device you can install it by simply clicking on it and navigating through the installation pages.

    Follow the instructions that are shown on your Android device to finish the instalation.

------------TEST DRIVE---------------------------INSTRUCTIONS------------

--Now place your "cursor" on the "phone icons", then left click to try feature.

Example: Place "cursor" on "Gallery icon" then left click to view Gallery Pictures.To go back, press "home icon" or "go back arrow" on bottom of phone. Got the hang of it? Go have fun with the tour. Then download "Deercam app" to your phone. Also go ahead and Donate a little or allot to Deercam's Stewardship Drive!

 Deluxe Membership    Dues Start at $25.00 & $50.00 -Great Deal-                       ***********************       $25


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