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Want to become part of Deercam?

Membership dues are $20.oo per year for basic.

Special 1/2 off Membership Sale 1 year for $10.00!!

Other levels of Membership are also available. See below

for more details. All proceeds go towards corn and apple

purchases to feed the birds and squirrels. As well as IP

Camera up keep and upgrades (10% of profits

go toward the "live strong" organization.)

Live 24 hour feed of Deer Cam available to members

only. See squirrels,fox,crows,turkeys, ect.

This purchase will entitle you to a year long membership

to DeerCam.

Included in your purchase

1. Unlimited Web site access.

2. Live streaming 24hr video right to your computer.

and/or smart phone.(or tv if internet equipped)

3. Android Smart Phone App.

4. Email updates of DeerCam events and upgrades.

5. Yearly invitation to the summer DeerCam Party/Event.

(August 2012)

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"Gold" and "Bronze" level Membership also

available as well as "Corporate Sponsorship"

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