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Holly was born in Arkansas in January 2013.  A fire separated her from her mother and she was raised by someone for several months.  In September 2013 Arkansas wildlife officials gained custody of Holly.  They contacted the Appalachian Bear Rescue for help in caring for her.  After several months she was returned to Arkansas and it was determined that she could not be returned to the wild.  Authorities contacted the North American Bear Center in Ely, MN and asked if they could provide her a home.  The NABC was happy to help.  Holly arrived at the NABC on December 27, 2013.  She shares a 2.5 acre natural habitat with three other Ambassador Bears, Ted, Honey, and Lucky.  We look forward to watching Holly play with the others, enjoying the pond, learning all the places to look for food, both natural and what we provide.  This camera shows her in her first den (man-made) as she acclimates to her new surroundings.  

While we are pleased to give her a home,  Holly's chances for a life in the wild were ruined.  We urge people who come across what they think are orphaned cubs to call wildlife authorities.  Please DON’T take the bears home.  If you want to help them, leave them alone, and make the call. 

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