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What Bears Can be Seen on Animal Cam?

As mentioned above, the live webcams we link to on our site are located in the well-known North American Bear Center in Minnesota. They feature rare images of 3 captive bears - Ted (born in 1997), Honey (born in 1996) and Lucky, (born in 2007 and arrived to the center as a cute cub). All 3 animals can be viewed via wildlife web cameras, depending on the time of year and assuming that the weather conditions allow it.Live bear cam is not popular in vain. This free webcam is located in the North American Bear Center and delivers 24/7 video stream of these magnificent wild animals. Come and learn about these creatures and see them feed, play and rest. This is truly like enjoying a never-ending live nature movie, but all the occurrences are real and taking place while you‘re watching.

The Bear Webcam Necessities

For various reasons, but mainly due to lack of knowledge, many children and adults around the world fear bears. This is just a result of the misperception of these gigantic and yet very gentle creatures. Demonization of bears in magazines, movies and literature only contributes to this wildly spread views and only through education and learning can people understand that these animals are far from being dangerous, and certainly are not “out to get” humans.

This is one of the main targets of this free animal webcam. We hope that it will open your eyes to understand wildlife a lot better and that it will help you learn about these animals in a fun and memorable way.

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