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Welcome to the Garden Bubble Cam
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Special Note:

Join us January 31 - 5pm - 9pm GMT / 11am - 3pm US/Eastern Time.  Our bubble machine will be operating in synchronization with a bubble machine at an exhibition by Ceci Lombardi and Lisa Hall created for Duvet Days in London... Lisa is inspired by childhood memories of creating unusual garden inventions with her family and has become captivated by a website that embodies this playful attitude - blowing bubbles on demand into a garden in Florida. For Duvet Days Lisa is inviting you to join in blowing bubbles, responding to the activity on the website..." For more information see the "Homespun" Facebook page.

You can watch live streaming video of the back patio of our south Florida home.  If nothing is going on, you can turn on a 30 second blast of bubbles from our bubble machine.  The camera is only active during daylight hours so if you see a black image, please return during daylight hours (Eastern Time U.S)

Press the "Bubbles" button to turn on a 30 second blast of bubbles.
It may take a few seconds  but you should see bubbles soon.

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