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WILD Condor Cams
Live from the VWS Condor Sanctuary in Big Sur, CA

Adult condors Kingpin and Redwood Queen are now raising a chick in a coast redwood tree in Big Sur. This female condor chick was approximately 4 months old in mid-August and is expected to "fledge" or leave the nest to learn to fly, in October. This is the first time live, streaming video, of a condor nest in the wild has been made available to the public. You can also help name the chick. Give at least $25 and enter up to three name suggestions. Condors still need our help to "live free" in the wild. Please consider making a gift today and help name this chick. See for more information about Kingpin, Redwood Queen and the rest of the Big Sur flock.Keep the Cams running! DONATE!

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