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Laysan Albatross    Kauai, Hawaii

Great news- all four albatross nests on the property on Kauai where our cam is located have been confirmed fertile, Kaloakulua and Mango's parents' new eggs included. We are very excited to receive this news from Pacific Rim Conservation and the Kauai Albatross Network. A few more things have to come together to get the camera set up once again in the new year, but this is certainly a step in the right direction. Researchers from Pacific Rim Conservation assessed the fertility of the eggs via "candling." This technique examines the development of the embryo inside the egg by shining a bright light behind it to show the details through the shell. This has to be done under a cover of darkness. It's a quick process that takes only a few seconds, at which point the eggs are returned to the incubating parents. Listen out for Mango's Dad Ko'olau during the candling. Thanks to everyone involved in finding out the great news and a special thanks to Bird Cams Volunteer Jody Platt for part of the video and to Hob Osterlund/ KAN for the other part of the video.

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