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The forest camera starts a new season. As you will remember, in early spring camera work closed because of damage to transmission cables and equipment. The damaged cables as well as signal transmission equipment have been replaced during late autumn - fortunately RMK (the Estonian State Forest Management) who was responsible for the incident have compensated the incurred costs. The transmission setup still needs some adjustments. This year different cameras and other equipment will be tested – at the moment we test a Sony HD surveillance camera (our thanks to the Sony retailers).
Apologies in advance – there will be a number of rearrangements, if for better or for worse only time will tell. At the forest camera tests can be carried out without disturbing the animals; at the nest cameras of protected bird species in spring however experiments are in no way permissible .
The Animal of the Year of 2015 will be the boar, for reasons understandable to all. We will let you know when the Animal of the Year is announced.
Nights with frost have favoured the freezing of the ground; all the snow that fell has not melted, but the boars can still forage successfully in nature. For the sows the heat period has already arrived locally but mostly it is still to come – exciting times in the forest.   
The Ilmatsalu hunters care for the dinner table of the forest inhabitants  - our thanks to them! 
The Looduskalender forum will certainly not miss any interesting happenings.
Urmas Lett of EENet tests the different cameras and adjusts the images.
KERNEL arranges the transmission of the video stream from the forest to Tartu and EENet splits the streamed image for viewers.
Without exiting from the web the direct stream image can also be watched in the  web player viewable in Windows, Linux and Mac OS environments.
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