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Fox Family Cam





Primarily mammals (but you may see other wildlife too) red fox (Vulpes vulpes) plus other garden wildlife, both mammals and birds.



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Simon King Wildlife

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PC, Mac, iPad & mobiles


Fox Family Cam

The fox family we are following with our live cameras are red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) living in the heart of England’s capital city – London.

We are incredibly lucky to have access to the home owner’s remarkable records of the individual foxes that have visited her garden that date back over many years. As a result, we can tell not only which fox is appearing on camera at any one time, but for the most part we also know his or her relationship with the other foxes in the community. For full character profiles of all the foxes that you may see on the live cam click here.

The camera is trained on the home owner’s back garden. The foxes range widely in the neighborhood so may be elsewhere when you switch to view the cam. They may just as easily turn up at any time, day or night (they often snooze on the shed roof in dry weather).

You may also see other wildlife in this small but incredibly rich oasis in the concrete jungle, like frogs in the pond, a sparrowhawk hunting along the hedge or stag beetles in the summer months.

Fox Facts

Foxes are one of the most successful and widespread carnivores in the world. One of the reasons for the fox’s success is its ability to adapt to different environments, and they are as at home on the edge of the Arctic Circle, deserts and remote forests as they are in densely populated urban areas.

Here in the UK, they mate in December and January and cubs are born 49 – 58 days later. Large litters of over 10 cubs have been recorded but our families tend to have between 3 -5 cubs each year.

The largest red fox recorded was a male that was killed in Aberdeenshire, weighing 17.2kg (38.1lbs) and 1.4m long. The majority of foxes weigh between 2.5 and 14 kg with males about 20% larger than most females

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