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*****Ip Camera Installation on your Property*****

IP Video Surveillance

Professional video surveillance that takes full advantage of existing network infrastructure to provide maximum flexibility and performance at minimum cost.

Video surveillance systems have gone digital, and the picture quality and system flexibility that a fully IP-based system provides is astounding.  Whether your requirements include only a single camera or hundreds, we can provide a system that will meet your needs now, and can expand to meet your growing needs in the future.

We use a combination of Remote Camera software, from the best vendors, and Foscam IP cameras to custom develop a complete system to meet your custom needs.   We provide everything, including system design services, hardware and software, installation, documentation, and maintenance.  Because we are a full-service IP Camera Company, we have the expertise to implement IP video on your existing network safely and reliably; a promise that the typical IP video reseller will make, but ultimately break.

  • Image Quality
    Digital cameras provide a much better quality image than their analog counterparts.
  • Leverage Existing Network Resources
    Use your existing network for the IP Video infrastructure, saving time and money.
  • Performance
    Other IP Video vendors often don’t have the experience to properly integrate  video into your network, causing performance issues that affect other IT operations.  Some will compensate for their lack of experience by building a separate IP Video network.  Don’t make that mistake either.  Doing it right will give you better network performance for both your IP video and your IT infrastructures.
  • Simplified Licensing Fees
    A simple cost per camera licensing model eliminates all of the unexpected costs; no per server fees or additional licensing dollars for the features you need.
  • Proven Technology
    We have hand-picked the most reliable and  cost effective products, so that you don’t have to ganble on inferior equipment.
  • Turn-Key Installation
    We can provide everything, including design, hardware, software, installation, and maintenance services if neede (although once up and running it becomes a easy system to maintain). Telephone and Email support is included with every install. So wether its a one camera installation  or many, give us a call at 262-206-6529 or email 


Prices can vary between $500 and $2000 per camera depending on the camera quality, installation size, and services required.

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