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Posted by Erika Ashley on Friday, September 19, 2014

View Into The Blue has helped numerous customers install our underwater camera systems all around the World. Please enjoy our featured camera feeds and check out our clients websites listed below.

Featured Camera Stream #1: Now Live Streaming from Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean.

The Bonaire PTZ coral camera is on the north side of the harbour entrance at Harbour Village Beach Club. The area is a very unique locations for corals to grow due to the freshwater influx from the salina in the harbour. Watch carefully when the camera turns to the south; you will see the data sensor, mooring sinker, and LOTS of fish! The visibility will change dramatically throughout the day. Despite CleanSweep® cycles that occur six times a day, you will notice the rapid rate of biofouling that occurs on the glass dome.
The Bonaire coral nursery camera shows the coral trees that have been populated with two species of Acropora coral. The Coral Restoration Foundation has three sites on the island of Bonaire. Look for future experiments with BioRock® and Live Chats with Teens4Oceans in the coming months!

Featured Camera Stream #2: Now Live Streaming from Gibraltar in the Mediterranean.

As part of HM Government of Gibraltar’s drive to increase its marine monitoring and surveillance capabilities, the Department of the Environment and Climate Change, together with the US based company View into the Blue and Wright Tech Media, have recently installed a state of the art underwater camera in the Gibraltar Marine Reserve which is the first of its kind in Europe.

The underwater camera forms yet another element of the wider marine surveillance programme carried out by the Department of the Environment and Climate Change to monitor the status of marine habitats and species within British Gibraltar Territorial Waters. A dedicated webpage has been created within our Thinking Green Website to provide local scientists and members of the public with real time footage of Gibraltar’s rich underwater environment. To view the webpage, please click the link above, which provides users with a simple fish identification guide that will be continuously expanded, together with a comments box to enable users to report any marine life activity.

Featured Camera Stream #3: Now Live Streaming from Frying Pan Tower off the North Carolina Coast, USA.

The demersal fish fauna of the South Atlantic Bight includes a speciose assemblage of fishes that are extremely ecologically and economically important. This group of fishes includes greater than seventy species, which are managed collectively by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) as the “snapper-grouper complex.” This fish assemblage represents one of the most economically important fishery resources of the United States. This underwater webcam at Frying Pan Tower (FPT), approximately 35 miles offshore of Cape Fear, North Carolina, gives scientists and the interested public an unprecedented , real-time view of this fish assemblage. The bottom fish assemblage is dominated by groupers, large species of snappers, hogfish, and many species of porgies and grunts. In addition this bottom assemblage of fish contains many large-bodied sharks.

Note: View Into The Blue does not manage all of their customers’ day to day operations and maintenance of their camera systems and their associated infrastructure. Please direct all questions or concerns regarding the specific camera streams to the appropriate organization.

Client Streaming Pages

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