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We can expect to see waterfowl such as geese, wood ducks, mallard ducks,  

great blue herons, and green herons. There will be a verity of songbirds and  

mammals such as raccoons, muskrats, and possible mink in the wetlands. The  

camera is used in the local schools for educational purposes.

The Murrysville Community Park (MCP) wetland area was built with  

Pennsylvania DOT funding to replace wetlands lost during the widening of  

Route 22. Through the efforts of several volunteers there is now a completed  

walking trail. The Valley Hiking Trail is 1.5 miles long and winds from the  

Sears house on Wiestertown Road through woods, clearings, down into the  

lowest part of the valley, over tributaries of Steels Run and to the high  

plateau with a view of the ball fields below and wooded hills in the  


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This wetlands area was built with PennDOT funding to replace wetlands lost during the widening of Route 22, according to PixController, Inc.

Geese, mallard ducks, raccoons and muskrats are among the animals that make their way through the wetlands in this live feed.

Murrysville Wetlands

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