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Nesting peregrines have thrilled visitors to Chichester Cathedral since 2002.

A bolt from the blue? We're faster than that.

Arrows may have feathers, but they're slow compared to us. Diving to catch prey at speeds of just under 250 miles per hour, we are masters of flight.

We like to show off our agility, sometimes flying upside down to catch food dropped by a mate.

Sheer cliffs are our natural home, but the tall spire of Chichester Cathedral makes a perfect roost.

Visit the Cloisters Café to enjoy a close-up view of life in our blustery home. Live pictures and edited highlights from a nestcam (new HD camera sponsored by David Shaw Wildlife) show the trials of bringing up our family amid the grand stonework.

And you'll find a host of well-placed telescopes outside to help you spot us on the wing – if you think you're quick enough, that is.

Just turn up - it's free to see us.


Visitor comments

Smashing views and a great way for children to see these beautiful birds.

Norwich Live Feed 1 – All Devices

This live HD cam is viewing an active Peregrine Falcon nest on the 27th Floor ledge of the 4th & Vine PNC building in downtown Cincinnati, OH. This live Raptor Cam is provided through the generosity of the sponsors you see on this page and is a gift to the people of Cincinnati and supporters and volunteers of RAPTOR Inc.

Why were falcons released in downtown Cincinnati in 1990?

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