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It's a boy! And a boy and a girl and a girl!
The Raptor Resource Project crew showed up Saturday afternoon 5/30/15 to band the GSB eyasses. GSBD retrieved the chicks and Bob and Amy banded and determined gender. Travis and Michelle are proud parents of 2 male and 2 female eyasses this season. Bob says they are very strong and healthy this year. Michelle and Travis are doing a remarkable job keeping them fat and happy.

Rusty - 07/D
Garrett - 08/D
Elizabeth - 44?
Nina - 45? (will update when numbers are confirmed)

Banding occurs around 3 weeks when eyasses are growing strong and healthy, but not yet ready to fly. Each chick will receive a set of ankle bling: a purple band from the USFWS, and one to track them in the Midwest Peregrine Database. These bands are small enough to not impact mobility, and loose enough to ensure comfort and safety of these beautiful falcons.

Whenever these bands are read by birders, scientists, or interested parties, their location and status can be recorded in the Midwest Peregrine Database. Each year, we check the bands of our mating pair to see whose offspring our bluffside nest will be housing this season. We were able to ID Michelle and Travis thanks to this database. Someday these chicks will turn up at another nest box and we may hear from them again.

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