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The Squirrel House

In the spring of 2008 we made a squirrel house with a wireless camera and placed it in a tree in our yard. A short time later a mother squirrel moved in with her 5 very young babies. She raised the babies in the house and in the course of about a month she evicted them and sent them on their way. The mother only came back to the feeder a few times in early June, we did not see her again until 2009. One of the babies had a dark spot on his tail, this was damage to the tail due to an encounter with a local cat.

 During the summer we only saw "Spot" a few times. The squirrels spend the hot summer nights sleeping in the trees and not in the nests. In the fall of 2008 Spot returned and started to build his own nest in the squirrel house. He was joined by another squirrel (we assume it was a sibling) and together they lived in the nest during late September. I arrived home one day to find Spot's friend dead at the base of the tree, he was killed by a cat.

Later that fall Spot found himself a female, and she moved into the house. It was a beautiful sight to see them cuddling to keep warm during the cold fall nights (see the video on the video page). We had high hopes of a family in the house during the upcoming spring. These hopes changed to heartfelt sorrow when we noticed that one of the squirrels was not leaving the nest. After a few days I opened the nest to find Spot's mate dead. She had been attacked by a cat and made it into the house before she died. Spot had been spending the nights trying to keep her warm, but she was already gone. This was a very sad time.

This spring Spot found himself a new mate. He was not coming home at night and after a few days we noticed that he was hanging around with a new female. We named her Sophie. Sophie evicted Spot from the nest for a short time, but Spot returned. Sophie is now showing signs of pregnancy. We believe Spot is the father.

  A HUGE Fall Litter !!!!!

A mother squirrel and her 6 (yes 6) babies moved into the Squirrel house. She started with 2 babies at first, but by the next day she had all 6 in the house. We hope she will stay over the winter.


Sophie moved into the house with her 4 babies, they were 4-5 weeks old when she moved in and they look very healthy.The nest she was using was in a tree next door, we are very happy she chose to come over to our yard.  She is a very tired mother and she spends a lot of time resting on the deck of the squirrel house.

 We have not seen spot since the spring of 2009. He spent most of his young life living in the squirrel house and was viewed by thousands of people from all over the world. He is missed and a lot of people are concerned about him. I'm sure he found a nice new home.


 We had another female squirrel arrive with newborn babies. She only lived in the house for 6 days. We think that the traffic at the feeder from the spring litter was too much for her. She moved her young to a different location.

The summer litter has returned.

The female has returned with her 4 much larger young. They love to play on the deck and wrestle in the yard. They love to play and explore. We hope that they will stay in the house for the winter. I'm not sure if 5 squirrels will fit in the house, but they would be able to keep each other warm. Please email us some suggestions for names. I would like to name mom and the babies.

 One of the males from the summer litter "Peanut" has been living in the house. He is occasionally joined by his sister "Emma".  Peanut has a injury to his back right foot and can not use it. He has not left the tree in weeks. He is able to get food and water, but we are very concerned. Due to the snow and ice around the tree, we are unable to get a ladder on the tree in order to try to trap him. He is not going to the ground, so trying to get him to a animal rehabilitation center is going to be a difficult task. So far he has food, water and a warm place to sleep.

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