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135,845 Views813 In CrowdTiger World is a non-profit animal conservation and educational center dedicated to rescue,rehabilitation and preservation of exotic animals. We are located at 4400 Cook Road, Rockwell, NC. We are a registered 501 (c)(3) public charity. Our support comes entirely from visitors, adoptions, and donations.

Cub encounters with Thor are NOW available. Please call (704) 279-6363 to make a reservation. There are a very limited number of cub encounters with Thor. Once our available time slots are booked, reservations will close.

Encounters are only $100 for up-to a family/group of 4 and all children must be accompanied by an adult. Reservations must be made by telephone.

In this camera feed, you will get to see Meka (Orange Bengal/Siberian Tiger), Malia (Snow Bengal Tiger), and Mohan (White Bengal/Siberian Tiger). Malia's coloring is very rare because she is stripe-less. These cats are only 2 years old and are still considered cubs. Meka is Storm's Cousin, Mohan is Storm's older brother, and Malia is unrelated. We hope you enjoy this camera location due to the more playful nature of these cubs.

Check our Facebook group page for regular updates and pictures. Thank you for all your support. Please visit our website ( for information about donations and our Facebook page ( for updates.

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