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Watch our sea turtle hatchling releases, live!

Thanks to South Padre Live Cams for setting up the camera and Paragraph's Bookstore for sponsoring the cost, we now have a "Hatchcam" webcam!

Hatchling releases happen at 7 a.m. in the morning and hatchling season is relatively short.

When a release isn't happening, we will move our webcam around to show off different aspects of our facility.

Check back often to see what is going on at Sea Turtle, Inc. And check below on this page for estimated hatchling release dates.


When are the hatchlings released?

Public hatchling releases are held at 7 a.m. at County Beach Access 3 (approximately ½ mile north of Sea Turtle, Inc).
Remember these dates are ESTIMATED… only the hatchlings can decide when they are ready to go!

2014 Hatchling release estimations are:

There are no more hatchings for 2014. Nesting season begins again next year around April, hatchings start again around the end of June.

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